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Introducing the first model of our new, one-of-a-kind body model SHAPE UP! All models in the series are innovative in design and are designed to shape and model the body. The dress consists of two pieces. The lower one is more tight and the aim is to reshape the silhouette. The upper one is looser, with a set and cleverly conceals the small imperfections remaining after the formation. The dress is branded with a jewel-symbol of the AMARI®- key with a crown with Swarovski® inlaid crystals. Combine with designer pink leather earrings with fringes and earrings AMARI® KEY with key and SWAROVSKI® inlaid crystals from AMARI® jewelry!

This exquisite dress is named after our beautiful muse Miss Bulgaria Nataliya Gurkova.

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  • Italian stretch Lycra® beauty

  • Length under the knee

  • Complete lycra lining with body shaping and shaping effect

  • Branded with jewelery- symbol of AMARI®- key with a crown inlaid Swarovski crystals

  • 92% polyamide, 20% elastane

  • Wash at 30 degrees


The collections we develop are limited because we hold on to your uniqueness.

The model is made of technology by a leading Italian manufacturer, established in the production of sportswear fabrics.

Since environmental protection is among our top priorities, we used Eco LYCRA® and recycled polyamide to make this model.

WARNING! The model is copyrighted. No part of the concept, its proportions and its design can be used by third parties. The offenders are punished according to the law by the CPC!



Look at the size table to determine the right one for you!

  • A thin silhouette with a gathering in the side seams

  • Complete lycra lining with body shaping and shaping effect

  • Natalia Gurkova is 172 cm tall and wears a size M



I am made with passion and love and created to make you feel adorable. My creators have used special fabrics, unique skills and well-designed details to make you proud of me. I'm used to being pampered, so please take good care of me so that I will not lose my identity! My unique design needs to be maintained because I'm very sensitive to touch with rough and uneven surfaces and objects (including accessories - bag, necklace, brooch, shoes, safety belt) that can injure my integrity. Please, keep in mind that each of my dark prints are made on a light surface and any injury can pull out threads from my packed side that is light in color! This is the nature of the materials and technology of my creation and part of my design and uniqueness.

Thank you for choosing me!


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